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Recommended Resources on the Reliability of the Bible

December 3, 2012

In Caleb’s sermon yesterday on “Why Do We Believe the Bible?” he mentioned a list of recommended resources on the reliability of the Bible.  Here they are:


Bauckham, Richard. 2006. Jesus and the Eyewitnesses: The Gospels as Eyewitness Testimony. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company.

Beale, Gregory K. 2008. The Erosion of Inerrancy in Evangelicalism: Responding to New Challenges to Biblical Authority. Crossway.

Black, David Alan. 1994. New Testament Textual Criticism: A Concise Guide. Baker Academic.

Blomberg, Craig L. 2007. The Historical Reliability of the Gospels. IVP Academic.

F.F. Bruce – New Testament Documents, Are They Reliable

Carson, D. A. 2010. Collected Writings on Scripture. Crossway Books.

Geisler, Norman, and Peter Bocchino. 2000. Unshakable Foundations: Contemporary Answers to Crucial Questions about the Christian Faith. Bethany House Publishers.

Geisler, Norman L. 1980. Inerrancy. Zondervan.

Kaiser, Walter C. 2001. The Old Testament Documents: Are They Reliable & Relevant?. IVP Academic.

Kline, Meredith G. 1997. The Structure of Biblical Authority. Wipf & Stock Publishers.

Kruger, Michael J. 2012. Canon Revisited: Establishing the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Books. Crossway.

Lightfoot, Neil R. 2010. How We Got the Bible. Baker Books.

Metzger, Bruce M., and Bart D. Ehrman. 2005. The Text of the New Testament: Its Transmission, Corruption, and Restoration. Oxford University Press, USA.

Packer, J. I. 1994. God Has Spoken: Revelation and the Bible. Baker Academic.

Sproul, R. C. 2005. Scripture Alone: The Evangelical Doctrine. P & R Publishing.

Warfield, Benjamin Breckinridge, and Warfield. 1980. Inspiration and Authority of the Bible. P & R Publishing.

Wegner, Paul D. 2004. Journey from Texts to Translations, The: The Origin and Development of the Bible. Baker Academic.

Wenham, John. 2009. Christ and the Bible. Wipf & Stock Publishers.

White, James R. 2004. Scripture Alone: Exploring the Bible’s Accuracy, Authority and Authenticity. Bethany House Publishers.

ESV Study Bible Articles

The Canon of Scripture. The ESV Study Bible.

The Reliability of Bible Manuscripts. The ESV Study Bible.


Apologetics Study Bible Articles

Are the Biblical Genealogies Reliable?

Who wrote the Pentateuch and When was it Written?

Is the Old Testament Trustworthy?

Has the Bible Been Accurately Copied Down Through the Centuries?

Can Biblical Chronology be Trusted?

How Can we Know the Bible Contains the Correct Books?

Does the Bible Contain Errors?

Is the New Testament Trustworthy?

Online Resources:

there are so many more…

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