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Yeabin Moon’s Baptism Testimony

April 15, 2013

For those of you who weren’t able to make it, here’s Yeabin’s baptism testimony.  Read and be encouraged!

“It was 2010 fall when I came here Champaign for the first time. Since I never left my home country, South Korea, I was a little bit nervous. When I went out from the airport, I needed to take a bus. It was Lax bus. They told me that when you get out of the airport, I could find the bus. I thought “Ok it was easy.” But when I got out of the O’Hare airport, there were about a hundred buses in there. At that time, my English was very poor so this little experience compelled me that I need to improve my English.

At the first class in the U of I, there was one guy sitting next to me. It was huge class. It was kind of embarrassing. But I approached him and said hi. He said back hi. It was kind awkward moment, but he was just transferred from Parkland, so we were alone in that huge class. We were getting closer. He was Austin Brown. I could not tell how much I appreciate him. He suddenly asked me whether I am believer. (I wasn’t sure what the believer means, like believe what?) But I got the point and said yes. He invited me to the Redeemer Church. So next Sunday Austin picked me up and drove the…. Hotel. It was in the hotel. And I met lot of wonderful guys there. He also brought me to Hassienda and I could hang out with lot of friends there too. I remembered Quinn and Sadie in there. Quinn grilled something, honestly it was…. You can tell.

But I did not seriously get along with the church. English? Yes, it was the issue. But more than that, I was just nobody in the church. I went to Church because I went to Church. No different reason. May be I was so obsessed with Study. Speaking of study, I had a plan when I came here. Since I dreamed of getting Ph.D. in economics, and because it was very competitive to get in, I just studied and studied. I pushed myself into studying. It sounds kind of nerdy, ok exactly nerdy, but I was desperate. I thought spending time on church thing was unnecessary. Redeemer guys countlessly invited me for gathering. But I did not reply.

One summer day, Mike invited me to the community group. I did not know what it was, but living in Champaign was boring as a student, I said I go. It was Jim’s house. Members were Jim and Judy, Mike, Ben and Jen, Loni and Joel. First impression. I was embarrassed. Honestly, it was still hard to understand what they are saying. So after the community group what I remembered was Jim’s laughing. It was loud. No. I knew they really welcomed me. Even though I was quite most of time, I felt comfort.

It was actually a good start. You guys really helped me a lot. Especially without  Jason and Grace I couldn’t finished the application for graduate school.

It feels like Oscar acceptance speech.

In the new community group, also I felt part of family. Kids were wonderful. But I though there was something missing piece my life.

Last winter, after complete my application process, I was nervous. What if I got rejected all programs I applied. My all effort could be useless. Whenever I struggled or I felt lost, my mother just said “Pray Yeabin. I pray for you every day and night”

I grew up around church. I mean I did not actually grow up in Church but my parents and sister are true believer. They are kind of person like Jesus first. It was really blessing but I did not know until recently. My family was poor and my sister was sick but my mother did not stop praying. She prayed for every morning and night. And at the moment I did not understand why she did. When I went to the Korean army, I became atheist. The only reason why I went to church was my parent’s pressure. It was when I was twenty. So about 6 six years long, I did not go Church.

Pray… why should I pray. I was in community groups. And I hung out with redeemer guys. I went to church on every Sunday ever since I came here Champaign. But I did not pray. I did not try to find why I should go to church. But my mother asked me to pray and seek God exactly when I was desperate. Jim might remember, I asked him any book I can read on God and Christianity. He recommended two books. Those books had many questions. And it was very hard. One of the questions really affected my mind was: Do you believe in Jesus?

I could fairly say I do believe in God. But I was not sure whether I believe in Jesus. For me, Jesus was just a good very very good person or maybe god. It was kind of someone who is really really respectable. I did not mean Jesus was not a god but seriously I did not know a thing on Jesus. I needed a help and really so many people helped me.

My beloved community group members and other redeemer guys. They answered my some stupid questions. Remember that I talked to Kyle and Aaron. My new year’s resolution was to get closer to God. As one of the ways, I started to read Bible. Jason, Peter, and Joe helped me. And I had some connections some members in

Jesus Love Korean Church. I did not a member of the church but pastors and other members also invited me to their bible study and answer my questions. And pray for me.

All experience I had been through deeply touched me. I felt God brought people like you guys around me. I would not be here without you guys. I know my family pray for me. I know my community group prays for me. I know my bible study group prays for me. And now I want to pray for them.

I am graduating this May, and tomorrow I will make a decision where I go. I am a little bit worried and excited. Now I pray all of you also people around where I will go. I realize church is really important. I hope I could meet people exactly like you. Since I am in elementary stage, I will need a lot of help.

However, there is a more important thing upon me. I want to talk my all experience what I had. There are so many people who are obsessed with something like study or career goal. There are so many people who think church is secondary. There are so many people who think spending on church matter is waste of time. I want to talk my story to them.

So this baptism matters me a lot. It is kind of promise with God and myself. I want to show this to you guys. I will never forget this moment and what I now say. I do not think now I am finished. I think this is a new start. My life with God. I am totally excited. Thanks for listening to my story and I will pray for you guys.”


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