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Sunday Service Recap: March 16, 2014

March 16, 2014

Redeemer Church

Champaign-Urbana, IL

Call to Worship: Praise the Lord Who Reigns Above written by Charles Wesley, performed by Leigh Nash.


Congregational Confession of Sin

Song: A Mighty Fortress written by Martin Luther

A song highlighting our savior’s victory over sin and Satan.  We don’t confess our sins in order to bring about an emotional response or to simply cause us to feel guilty about how we have failed God.  We confess our sins to remind us that we are all in need of a savior.  A Mighty Fortress extols God for the salvation he has provided in the work of Christ, “Dost ask who that may be?  Christ Jesus it is he!  The Lord of hosts his name, from age to age the same.  And he must win the battle!”

Song: Great is Thy Faithfulness written by Thomas O. Chisholm

Another song praising God for his faithfulness to his people in keeping his covenant.  We can rest in the finished work of Christ on our behalf because God will never go back on his covenant.


Scripture Reading: Psalm 36

Missional Prayer: Timothy and Naomi IM

Each week we take time to pray for missionaries, church planters, or people groups from all over the world.  This week we prayed for the IM family as they seek to plant a church in Montreal, QC.

Song: Marvelous Light written by Charlie Hall

This week I chose several songs that speak about the spiritual realities of light and darkness. Marvelous Light is an encapsulation of the gospel, emphasizing our transfer from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light.  Because sin has lost its power and death has lost its sting we are now running into God’s marvelous light, away from our former darkness.

Song: I Will Rise written by Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, Louie Giglio and Matt Maher

The sermon text from Ephesians 5 tells us that walking as children of light is another way of calling us from death to life.  The ideas of darkness and light are very similar to the ideas of death and life.  To be darkness is to be dead, but to be light is to be raised to life.  This song makes that contrast explicit throughout.  Because darkness has turned to light we can now be risen from the dead and will be raised with Christ on the last day.

Sermon by Chet Daniels: Ephesians 5:8-14 From Darkness to Light: Exposure

  1. Identity: Walk as children of light
  2. Action: Expose works of darkness
  3. Good news: trust in the light of Christ to transform hearts

Song: Christ is Risen written by Matt Maher and Mia Fieldes

Another song that speaks to the contrast between darkness to light and death to life.  This is a great song to sing together as a church, celebrating our new resurrected life in Christ with the words, “O church, come stand in the light.  The glory of God has defeated the night!”


Benediction: Isaiah 60:1-5a


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