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Sunday Service Recap: July 10, 2016

August 13, 2016

Redeemer Church

Urbana, IL

Call to Worship: Open the Eyes of My Heart, Paul Baloche



Confession of Sin

Assurance of Pardon: Psalm 33:20-22

Song: Holy Holy Holy Words by Re­gi­nald He­ber, Music by  John B. Dykes

Song: Song of Moseswritten by Aaron Keyes


Missional Reading: Psalm 23

Missional Prayer: 9 Marks Ministries

Song: My Shepherd Will Supply My Need, words by Isaac Watts, melody by and chorus by Caleb Billingsley

Sermon: Chet Daniels, What God Has Made Clean, Acts 11:1-18

Song of Response: O Church Arisewritten by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend

Silent Reflection

Benediction: Revelation 5:5-13


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